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The Good Breeder:

Pathways to Master Breeder

A How-To Guide to

Happy, Healthy Puppies


The Good Breeder is a comprehensive guide to best practices in breeding.

You will not find another breeder guide as thorough as this one.

The Good Breeder guidebook is the culmination of many things learned during over a decade of breeding. The information comes from extensive research, webinars, and consultations with experts in the field. I have mentored many breeders over the years who have told me it was the best mentoring program they have experienced. My training and experiences as an educator taught me to present information clearly and in very organized way.  The breeders I mentored encouraged me to publicize my helpful documents into a book so that more breeders could benefit.  


My guiding star was to produce the best puppies possible as to health and temperament. It begins with choosing high-quality breeding dogs, and ensuring parents are of optimal health, both physical and mental. You will find the information presented in an easy to follow and use format.

By reading this book, and using the templates to organize your breeding program, you will quickly advance to the head of the pack as one of the good breeders.


My inspiration for writing it was to ensure the world has more good breeders because every family deserves a furry member who starts out in life with forethought, born in an environment of knowledge, love, and caring.

I  enjoy teaching and coaching others on the art of excellent breeding. My background of decades as a teacher gives me the experience of making learning palpable and enjoyable.


I hope you enjoy this book as much I did in creating it. 

Anita Main

  • The Good Breeder


Your purchase includes:

  • Information on breeding, care of mother, whelping, puppy care, assessing puppy dispositions, communication with families, and marketing


  • Many useful charts, lists, graphs, templates, and step-by-step instructions on all aspects of breeding

  • Life-long support as to questions you might have along the way

  • Ability to adapt the information to your own style of breeding 

  • The guide will be emailed to you as a pdf. Certain templates are in Word so that you can edit them to personalize 


All content is copyrighted by the author

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The Good Breeder

Limited time Price: $59.00

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Reviews by Breeders:


Being a new breeder, I have been trying to find the perfect resource to set me at ease as I start my breeding career. I have read many books on breeding, but it was not until I read "The Good Breeder" did I feel I had a handle on having my first litter. Anita walks you through every step of the process from breeding, fertility, whelping, puppy care and even puppy parent communication. She includes sections on common problems you face with whelping/puppy care and what to do when those emergencies happen. One of my favorite parts is the puppy schedule that lays out what to do the first 8 weeks of the puppy's life. I cannot wait to print the charts to hang on my puppy room wall! This book is everything I have been searching for all rolled up into one excellent resource. It is well written, easy to follow, research based and the additional customizable resources are amazing. I have no doubt that "The Good Breeder" will set me apart from all other breeders, help me feel prepared for whatever is thrown at me and will create an environment for my puppies to thrive. Thank you Anita for sharing this with the breeding world - I cannot wait to read again and again! - Karra

Anita was the first person I turned to when I decided to begin breeding dogs.  She has always generously shared her knowledge and experience with me.  Her advice has helped me avoid major pitfalls in my program, and helped me gain the confidence needed to successfully whelp and raise puppies.  Her information has been helpful and very much appreciated.  She has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, and it’s fantastic that she's so willing to share it.  Having everything available in an organized  book format is wonderful.  It will make finding exactly what I’m looking for so easy!  Thank you for everything, Nita!  - Bobbie

Anita's book truly covers the basics and beyond of dog breeding and care from A-Z. This book is a must read for anyone that truly cares about dogs and becoming the best breeder possible. -Sandy M

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